Sunday, August 8, 2010


I guess there are a lot of things we forgot.

#1 When you break her heart, the pain never really goes away.

#2 When she misses you, she’s hurting inside.

#3 When she says it’s over, she still wants you to be hers.

#4 When she walks away from you mad, follow her.

#5 When she stares at your mouth, kiss her.

#6 When she pushes or hits you, grab her tight & don’t let her go.

#7 When she starts cursing at you, kiss her and tell her you love her.

#8 When she ignores you, give her your attention.

#9 When she pulls away, pull her back.

#10 When you see her at her worst, tell her she’s beautiful.

#11 When you see her crying, just hold her and don’t say a word.

#12 When you see her walking, sneak up and hug her waist from behind.

#13 When she’s scared, protect her.

#14 When she lays her head on your shoulder, tilt her head up and kiss her.

#15 When she steals your favourite jacket, let her keep it and sleep with it for a night.

#16 When she teases you, tease her back and make her laugh.

#17 When she doesn’t answer for a long time, reassure her that everything is okay.

#18 When she looks at you with doubt, back yourself up with the truth.

#19 When she says that she loves you, she really does more than you could understand.

#20 When she grabs your hands, hold hers and play with her fingers.

#21 When she bumps into you, bump into her back and make her laugh.

#22 When she tells you a secret, keep it safe and untold.

#23 When she looks at you in your eyes, don’t look away until she does.

#24 Stay on the phone with her even if she’s not saying anything.

#25 Don’t let her have the last word.

#26 Don’t call her hot, but gorgeous or beautiful is so much better.

#27 Say you love her more than she could ever love you.

#28 Argue that she is the best girl ever.

#29 When she’s mad, hug her tight and don’t let go.

#30 When she says she’s OK, don’t believe it, talk to her about it, because 10 yrs later she’ll still remember it.

#31 Call her at 12:00am on special occasions to tell her you love her.

#32 Call her before you sleep and after you wake up.

#33 Treat her like she’s all that matters to you.

#34 Don’t ignore her when she’s out with you and your friends.

#35 Stay up all night with her when she’s sick.

#36 Watch her favourite movie with her or her favourite show even if you think it’s stupid.

#37 Let her into your world.

#38 Let her wear your clothes.

#39 When she’s bored and sad, hang out with her

#40 Let her know she’s important.

#41 Kiss her in the pouring rain.

#42 When she runs up at you crying, the first thing you say is; “Who’s ass am I kicking today baby?”

#43 After she reads this, she hopes one day you’d read it too.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Beats the hell out of me.

1. Seeing things, doesn't cause me to be reactive just like how I used to. I hope one day, instead of me being reactive, I'm gonna be more proactive. Insya Allah.

2. I learnt that its no use to show how honest you are in front of people. Its okay if they don't acknowledge our honesty. HE knows. That's enough.

3. Its okay when people talk bad behind you. They talk behind you, and expect you to change without approaching you, telling you what' wrong. Its okay. Let them do it. We'll find out our own weakness, and if we don't, one day, Allah will show it to us and let us change. We don't need those backstabbers who gossip about us, talking bad about us to help us. Don't they know that its HARAM to talk about another person without the presence of that person ? I know i did this too. I hope I will be able to stop myself from doing this next time. Insya Allah.

4. People keep telling us, that we must be united. We should put aside the differences, tolerate it, and be united NO MATTER WHAT, so that people won't disturb us or bully us around or so that we can achieve more. Just one question. Yeah, true, that we should be united, there's so many good things about being united, but what if that other side of the group says that Allah has alliances. Allah tu ada sekutu. OOOOoooh ! UNITE UNITE. TOLERATE. Jgn risau. TOLERATE JE, buat bodoh je dgn differences tuh. Bersatu lagi penting dari akidah.

Yes, its okay, to tolerate their presence, but we don't tolerate the difference in views if it supercedes what Allah has given to us as guidelines to follow as a Muslim or Mu'min.

5. I'm free from you. After what you did, how you behave. I have no regrets. None at all.

The hands itching to run away from your ugliness.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cyberia guards are the best.

Saat-saat terindah di CUCMS.

1. Sesat di Cyberjaya bersama Ammal Farit. We were heading towards Cyberjaya from Putrajaya. Apparently, Ammal Farit has a problem reading the word CYBERJAYA on signboards. yes.

2. Having mafia moments with Fudzail Nazri. Have you ever seen in movies on how a mafia leader winds down the window of a car for a short time, talks while facing forward, not moving at all and then winding it back up? Yeah. We did that.

Fudzail winds down the window.

Fudzail: Kill her.

Fudzail winds up the window.

I wonder, what will happen if we do it like that at McD's drive-Thru though..

3. Climbing up the balcony to surprise Nad for her birthday, while being watched by security guards who saw us lighting up the candles on the balcony. The best part was, me, Fudzail, and Amir was at the balcony, prepping up to surprise Nadiah. But the problem was, when we lit up the candles, our shadows gave out our presence and we heard this:

Nadiah: Belle, ada orang kat luar. Belle, ada orang kat luar. U gi mana tuh belle. Belleeeeee.

Nadiah thought we were promoters or salesman wanting to sell stuff at midnite. Or did she ? =)

3. Encircling Nadiah Harith , with me and Fudzail doing SWAT moves avoiding detection while Ammal and Belle with her brightly lit bubble gun following us from behind.

Fudzail and I drop down from a ledge, and tried to find where they were.

But then, suddenly Ammal and Belle gave a signal, telling us that they were rite infront of us.
Me and Fudzail panicked. Kantoi basah. After all the SWAT moves, takkan nak kantoi sekarang.

Fudzail golek2 ke belakang to hide behind the bench.
I followed him. Golek mcm kayu balak kena golek.

Then after repositioning properly, Fudzail gave the countdown.
Jumped down to trap Nadiah.
We brought her to the pool, Belle playing with her bubble gun and..

WUSH! Mission Accomplish. SWAT team. Ariff and Fudzail. Our motto. Golek to success.

3. Nad was in the pool. The guard came after us. Wissels were blown. Semua lari. Yes. Chicken Run.

Moments, I cherish. =)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hadith for all

Allah melihat kepada hamba-hamba-Nya pada malam Nisfu Syaaban, maka Dia ampuni semua hamba-hambaNya kecuali musyrik (orang yang syirik) dan yang bermusuh (orang benci membenci) (Riwayat Ibn Hibban, al-Bazzar dan lain-lain).

Al-Albani mensahihkan hadis ini dalam Silsilah al-Ahadis al-Sahihah. (jilid 3, m.s. 135, cetakan: Maktabah al-Ma‘arf, Riyadh).

Let us repair the broken bonds of our brotherhood or sisterhood. May allah forgive us of our sins.

Follow blindly like a pig.

Nape masa wudhu', kita tak mandi je terus? Kan senang, takut sangat tak kena anggota badan tuh. Nape masa solat, kita buat 4 rakaat je. Nape tak 6, 7, 8 ? Haaa. kan bagus tuh. Bagi banyak sikit, banyak pahala dia. Bagus je kan. Niat semua, kerana allah. Apa salahnya?

No. You don't do that. As a true muslim, ur actions, ur deeds to allah, is based on what he is pleased of, which in turn, means, what he asks you to do, or follow the prophet PBUH. You don't do things that are not from him or of his prophet, Peace Be Upon Him.

“Hai orang-orang yang beriman, janganlah kamu sekalian mendahului Allah dan Rasul-Nya dan takutlah kamu kepada Allah kerana sesungguhnya Allah itu Mendengar lagi Mengetahui.”


Dari Jabir bin Abdullah, Rasulullah bersabda:

“Sesungguhnya perkataan yang benar itu ialah kitab Allah dan sesungguhnya semulia-mulia petunjuk itu adalah petunjuk Muhammad dan seburuk-buruk perkara itu ialah yang diada-adakan dan setiap yang diada-adakan itu adalah bidaah dan setiap bidaah itu sesat dan setiap kesesatan itu adalah di dalam neraka.”

[H.R. Muslim]

If there is no nas, authentic evidence from Allah or As-Sunnah, that asks us to do a specific ibadah for an event, meaning, no guarantee, Why do u do it? U do it for Him? He did not ask u to do it. He ask u to follow the Al-Quran, and the Sunnah of Rasulullah (P.B.U.H) Who are you to create innovations in Islam? Will you be able to give assurance to those who follow your innovations, innovations that diverged completely from Al-Quran and Al-Hadtih? Will you be able to give them total ASSURANCE of the benefits of doing it ? Will your beloved Ustaz be able to do that? If he follows the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah, Insya Allah, he will be able to do it. However, if he does not, then he will never be able to do it the right way. The only way to give assurance, is by relating it to the authentic nas.

I can hear some of u say, Bidaah tu ada yang baik, ada yang buruk. lau niat tu kerana Allah, apa salahnya. Takkan beribadah tu salah. Yes, beribadah is not wrong. But, you have to follow His way which if not in Al-Quran, is through the prophet's way. PBUH. That is why I gave u the example of the taking wudhu'. Why is it that we don't just mandi je terus. Why ? Its because, Rasulullah P.B.U.H showed us the right way to take wudhu through hadith. We learn the right way to solat, based on his actions.

There are a lot of hadith out there. Some, authentic, some, being rather weak, and some, being fake. We, are not masters of hadith, true. But we can check. We can spend some time to clarify it. If someone talks about a hadith, ask him, is it sahih or authentic? Where do u get this from? Can we have a reference? These questions, are important. Its okay, if, after you've asked and discussed, you've done that ibadah, but some time later, you suddenly discovered that its wrong and never is related to the prophet. Just stop it, and say to your self, I did it because of Allah, and I've done my part to learn about it. I've even try to find out whether its true or not. I hope you will accept what I've done, Allah. Then STOP doing it. That's all. If you have nas, or evidence to your ibadah, do it, i have no problem with that. Be open minded. Don't be rigid.

1. Check your reference.
2. Make sure its authentic or closely authentic.
3. Ask if you are not sure. Leave it if you are not sure.
4. Be open minded and think critically first. If you dont know, ask someone who knows.

The problem with our society is that they do things, based on what people say, without checking it first. Ustaz cakap je, semua betul. Oh, ustaz tu kata leh buat. Ustaz tu kata betul. Nenek moyang aku buat selama nih. Yeah. Diorang tuh leh bawak kau masuk syurga ke ?

P/s - I am human and therefore, I'm open to mistakes. If you find discrepancies in my post, pls, advice me or approach me. If its wrong, I'll change it and i'll apologize for it. May Allah clear my conscious and allow me to be true to my path. Insya Allah.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

July oh July

Before this, most of my posts are in paragraph rite ? Now, let's make it in point forms ! =)

1. Met new friends. I thought they were like an older sister or what. Turns out. Same age. Yeah. Hi kakak.

2. Ate a very tasty dish. Turns out, there were tissues in that dish. Sedap. Secret Recipe. Ho-Leng-Ah.

3. Successfully conducted an unofficial meeting with substance in it. A clap for Ariff. ;)

4. Played ice-cream soda game with my mates. Ariff kalah teruk. Boo. =(

5. Tak basuh baju. Tak buat lab report. Tak study. Yes. I am progressing very well this week.

6. Watched INCEPTION. One word. Just one word. Orgasmed.

Yay ! =)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stalker rules.

Oh god. I love CUCMS. =)

I met a girl during an event. Senior. Here's what happen.

The conversation is edited as i wasn't able to recall the whole of it. Sorry put if i expresssed something wrongly.

I walked towards her to pass back her camera. I was asked to help her take pictures with it.

Ariff: Here, you're free right? Its your turn to take pictures. *passed her back the camera and quickly wants to get away from there*

Senior: You stalked I eh ? Sikit-sikit datang take my pictures.

Ariff: *shit, kantoi* Ya lah, its your camera, confirm u nak gambar u en. Takkan ah nak ambik gambar orang lain.

Senior: Eleh, lau its my group, lama je u lepak ambik gambar en.

Ariff: Tak ah, i ambik semua, dah ur group punyer turn, ambik je ah. * turns away blushing*

I guessed she noticed that i was taking pictures of her like, a gazillion times. Argh. Observant people are annoying. =P Next time, i'll take her pictures from FAR. REALLY far. Zoom in, and catch her picking her nose or what or stalking someone else. Yeah. One day. Just wait for it.

The eye stalks, the hand captures it.